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PHOTOS: Kanye Went to a D.C. Apple Store After Bizarre Meeting with Trump

October 12, 2018

By Eyasu Delesa

After meeting with Donald Trump in the Oval Office Thursday, Kanye West continued his tour of D.C. by stopping by the Apple Store in Georgetown. 

While sporting a mailman vest and purple hat, the Chicago hopped on the counter at the store and gave what he called a "keynote" speech.

“...It hurts us as people, specifically black people, the idea, because we say, was America ever great for us? So we made a updated hat that said, lmake America great, and Trump wore the hat so he is open to adjusting and listening," West said, according to one onlooker. 

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West announced he'd be heading to Africa as he left the store, according to multipele outlets. 

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