6 of the Most Surprising Birthday Bash Moments

June 6, 2019

Birthday Bash 2019 went down Wednesday night and there was no shortage of surprises.

Check out our list of the best and most surprising moments of the night:

1. Poet Sings Happy Birthday

Our star midday host engaged the audience in her rendition of Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday song in celebration of WPGC's 32 years providing music and programing to the community.

2. DJ Flexx Gets Recognized for Flexx Day

Flexx Day, which is June 4, celebrates the iconc personality that is our very own DJ Flexx. He took the stage at Birthday Bash to pump up the crowd and encourage them to celebrate with him.

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3. The Crowd Serenades Kiana Lede

Kiana Lede recieved so much love from fans. They sang back her song "Ex" word for word.

@kianalede slaying #BDAYBASH2019 ....

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4. Joe Clair Brings the Comedy
Joe Clair cracks jokes on stage.
Photo by Cameron Jenkins

5. Twerk Contest

Ladies from across the DMV showed off their talents.

@WPGC’s #SoldOut #BDayBash2019 was A Good TIME Last Nite! Had a lot of FUN hosting that impromptu #TwerkContest. Much luv to ALL the LADIES who Participated -- More vids on my #IGStory! #DjReddzOnDeck

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6.  Megan Thee Stallion Invites Hotties to the Stage for Simon Says

The biggest act of the night was Megan Thee Stallion. And what is a stallion performance without her fellow hot girls?

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Ain’t nothing like a 95.5 WPGC PARTA !!!! #birthdaybash #2019 #wpgc #DCvibes #930club #NW #positivevibes #loveofmusic #bdaybash2019 #bestradiostation #party #grandprizewinner !!!!!!!!--

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