Lavar Ball

Photo via 106.7 The Fan

LaVar Ball on Kardashian Comparison: 'They Aint Even Talented Like My Boys'

July 17, 2018

By: Eyasu Delesa

Don't compare the Ball family to the Kardashians. At least not with the head of the household, LaVar, around.

The Ball father stopped by WPGC's sister station 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday morning and shut down any notion that the Ball family is anything like the Kardashians. 

it all started when EB, one of the morning show hosts on The Junkies. made the comparison.

EB: The Balls are the Kardashians of Basketball. 

LaVar: No. No. No. We ain't no Kardashians of nothing. They ain't got nothing to do with us. They aint even talented like my boys.

Ball did acknowledge that they are branding themselves like the Kardashians did in the past.

Watch the clip below:

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