Kelly Oubre & Drake

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Kelly Oubre has an Interesting (?) Response to Being Called a Bum by Drake

April 18, 2018

The Wizards took another loss to the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night, falling to 0-2 in the series, but their most embarrassing loss may have occurred after the game. 

During his postgame media session, forward Kelly Oubre was asked about Canadian rapper Drake calling him a bum during the game. (See below)

Check out Oubre's response below:

"That's my guy though. I see him in the summer time all the time at Delilah, at Poppy. We pretty much run the streets of LA together, on the A-list tip, not in the hood way," Oubre said. "At the end of the day he's a great rapper, I listen to him in my headphones. I have no beef with him, I just think it's pretty cool that my name is mentioned in the same conversation as his."

 A very interesting response from Oubre given that Drake is a die-hard Raptors fan who will probably use this as more trolling material. He did mention that he talked trash back to the rapper though.

"I know him though...we were talking trash the whole game....he was talking to John just like he does every game. The camera got him calling me a bum...they didn't see me shoot a three after that," Oubre said. "It is what it is, it's all fun and games, he's a fan, he's coming to support his team and I'm just coming to play. At the end of the day it's all love."

* Sigh*

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