WATCH: How to Become Wendy Williams in 5 Steps

July 31, 2018
Joe Clair Wendy Williams Sunni

Photo by Erin Thibeau


By Erin Thibeau

"I feel like a winner," Wendy Williams said when she sat down with Joe Clair and Sunni on Tuesday morning.

The 54-year-old said that approaching her 10th season as "The Wendy Williams Show" host, "makes me feel very relaxed, like what I've been doing has been working, and I can only be me."

These days, Wendy is using her impressive platform to help combat substance abuse.

Wendy and her business partner and husband Kevin Hunter have teamed up with And back in 2014, the couple founded The Hunter Foundation, which provides grants for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs. 

"I dealt with substance abuse myself. Everybody's family has had it at some point or another," she told Joe. "My family was there for me."

Considering how far she's come, Joe wanted to ask the media mogul how the next generation can follow in her footsteps in the industry.

So here it is: the Wendy Williams guide to success:

1. "Watch what you post on your social media." 

2. "Get your education."

3. "Children are wonderful, I love them, but watch how old you are before you have them." And consider "the hustle that it entails to be in this business," she said. "My first radio job I made $3.25 an hour. I am not sharing that with some baby. Now who's gonna eat tonight: me or you?"

4. "The climb does not need to be hindered by deep love."

5. "Watch your friends, because they're your friends until they're not."

Watch the full interview below:

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The 10th season of the "The Wendy Williams Show" airs September 10.

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