WATCH: Adimu on Exposing R. Kelly on Air in 2002, 'I Caught a Lot of Backlash'

January 7, 2019
R. Kelly

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By Erin Thibeau

In the wake of the Lifetime documentary "Surviving R. Kelly," the conversation about the predator's disturbing history of abusing young girls has intensified. 

WPGC's own Adimu Colon broke the story of the R. Kelly tape on L.A. radio back in February 2002, he posted on Instagram recently, and hosted Sparkle on the air in April of that year.

#Repost @adimucolon I wanted to offer my humble two cents on the great work Dream Hampton has done with the #SurvingRKelly docuseries. First, I am one of two radio people that broke the story of the 2002 27-minute videotape and I am the person who first interviewed Sparkle who identified the girl in thevideo as her 14-15 year old niece. I had an afternoon radio show in LA at the time and in March of thatyear, the tape was shown to me by some business associates. After seeing the tape, I decided to use myplatform to expose and talk about the issue in detail. I want to be clear - the decision to do so was NOT popular at the time. I suffered some backlash and R. Kelly had MAJOR public relations offense behindhim at the time (maybe we do a deeper dive later with the writing help of @artemusgordon ). I continued on…In April, Sparkle came on my show to first reveal the girl in the video was her niece andsaid she introduced the girl to Kelly when she was 12. She went on to explain in detail just how deep the abuse was with family/friend enablers, money bribes and pay offs. Days later, bootleg copies hit the streets and the internet. This story is tragic, but way to common in the culture. We MUST protect ourgirls from predators at ALL costs and if you have a voice…speak the fuck up! I heard Dream was looking for some black male allies….Here I am and I hope I was being an ally at the time (before we had that kind of language). I hope this doc gets all the victims closer to justice and salute Dream Hampton for the work. Protect our girls from predators at ALL costs!

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Adimu joined the Joe Clair Morning Show on Monday to share his story of being shown the original, disturbing tape and the intense backlash to his coverage. 

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"Very few people at the time really talked about" the R. Kelly tape, he told Joe and Sunni. 

@adimucolon talks breaking the story of the R. Kelly tape back in 2002. ---- #SurvivingRKelly #RKelly

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"This is more about the victims than it is R. Kelly, and if we want to have a greater conversation we should be talking about rape culture. We should be talking about predators," Adimu said.

"We should be talking about, as men, what does it mean to be a male in this culture?"

@adimucolon says to focus the #RKelly conversation on victims & rape culture. (

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As Joe, Sunni and Adimu make clear, the issue goes beyond R. Kelly to all people enabling his behavior and shaming his victims.

@joeclairmorningshow and @adimucolon talk victim blaming and enabling #RKelly (More on

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Take a listen to the WPGC callers who shared their opinions below:

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