Sleeping With TV on Might Cause Weight Gain, Study Says

June 11, 2019

File Photo - Milan Markovic / Getty Images


By Scott Gelman

Women who sleep with the television might be more likely to gain weight.

Women who had a light or television on in the room while they’re sleeping were at a higher risk of gaining weight and possibly obesity, according to a new study from the National Institute of Health.

The study found that women whose sleeping environments featured light were likely to gain weight because of the exposure to light rather than the amount of time slept or quality of sleep.

The report included more than 43,000 women between ages 35 and 74. The women didn’t have histories of diseases such as cancer and were not pregnant or daytime sleepers.

The study revealed the negative impact of light exposure while sleeping, as the results indicated that exposure might be a risk factor for weight gain.

Sleeping with light on can result in depression and alter the body’s biological clock, the National Sleep Foundation reported.

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