Pusha T Responds to Album Art Criticism: 'Controversy' Is 'What Comes Along with Kanye West'

May 25, 2018
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By Erin Thibeau

Pusha T joined the Joe Clair Morning Show to talk about "Daytona," which dropped Friday, and respond to the controversy surrounding its cover art. "It's just what comes along with Kanye West, man, in his genius," Pusha said. "It's definitely controversy."

Kanye produced the seven-track album, which is Pusha's first in three years. The cover art was only shared on Thursday. It's a photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom taken in 2006 after an alleged drug binge. Look closely, and you'll see a crack pipe, spoons, white powder, and alcohol.

I finally got my album art... #DAYTONA 5/25

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The reaction on Twitter was swift, with many Whitney fans saying the choice was distasteful.

"Kanye had changed my artwork in the 25th hour," Pusha told the show. "I didn't know what my artwork was gonna be. We had a picture of myself that we had all agreed on and, you know, he called me at like one in the morning and was like 'Yo i wanna change the artwork.'"

"He's just like man I just dont think it matches the energy of the album. We gotta keep this raw," Pusha continued. "I don't really bother him when it comes to the production...He's done the creative direction for all three of my albums."

Pusha said when he found out the photo cost $85,000 to license he protested but finally relented, and "by the time he turned my artwork in all I seen was my timeline in an uproar."

But, he adds, "I was seeing the backstory as well." The rapper was working with Ye when he made he support for Trump known and received intense backlash.

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There was "so much controversy," Pusha said. "It wouldn't stop; we couldn't escape it."

"The energy was a little weird at first," the rapper continued. "I had to tell him that I totally didn't agree, which isn't new...I feel like when his album comes out you guys are gonna get the full story."

Listen to the full interview below:

"Daytona" is out in stores now. 

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