Prince George's County Teachers Could Receive Raises in Next 3 Years

May 15, 2019

Ridofranz / Getty Images


By Scott Gelman

Prince George’s County Schools employees who worked for the county when salary increases were frozen might receive a boost in pay in the coming years.

Dr. Monica Goldson, the school’s interim CEO, said the 8,300 employees who couldn’t receive raises from 2009 to 2012 could receive a 3 percent salary increase.

Teachers, principals and staff who didn’t receive raises but have remained with the district for the last 10 years will receive a boost in their pay over the next three years if the proposal is approved.

“For the last decade our community and employees have been slowly recovering from one of the worst economic recessions in the nation’s history. Along with teachers, our bus drivers, school nurses and custodians bore the brunt of lost wages and have seen the least increase in their paychecks over the last 10 years,” Goldson said in a statement.

The raises, which will cost the school system $16 million the next two years and $15 million the third year, will be paid for using state Kirwan Commission funding and money saved from other cuts in the school system that Goldson said don’t impact the classroom.

The county’s council has to approve the proposed the raises.

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