Man In Viral Video Of Tasing At Metro Station Is Suing Metro Transit Police

September 25, 2019
A man is suing metro after he was tased at a station.

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Metro Transit Police is being sued following a tasing incident in June.

A video went viral showing Tapiwa Musonza being tased at the U St/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Station after attempting to defend a minor. He has since filed a lawsuit against the three officers involved allegedly using excessive force, misconduct, and failing to follow protocol.

"My life has already been stripped of my dignity as a man," he said.

Police said that Musonza was tased for attempting to fight an officer.

“I asked him ‘what are you doing?’ with my hands in the air to show that I am defenseless, I am not here to do anything aggressive,” Musonza explained about the incident. “That’s when the officer – I don’t know what triggered him – he dislodged his taser and tases me four times.”

Two of the officers involved are still active duty while the one is under investigation.

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