Lil Wayne Might Have Quit Blink 182 Tour at Jiffy Lube Live

July 12, 2019

If Lil Wayne’s performance at Jiffy Lube Live on Thursday night was any indication, he isn’t thrilled about touring with Blink 182. 

Fans at the Virginia venue said on social media that Lil Wayne made a brief appearance before leaving the stage. 

In a video shared from Uproxx Music and attributed to TMZ, Lil Wayne expresses his frustration with the crowd size. 

“I just want the people to know, if you’re wondering, please forgive me, but I am so not used to performing to a crowd and there’s not too many, you know, like still, that’s not my swag,” Lil Wayne said. 

Then, the rapper said he isn’t sure “how long I’m going to be able to do this tour” and “this might be my last night though, let’s go.” 

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