Joe Clair Pushes for Mumbo Sauce at New Whole Foods: 'This Is Southeast!'

October 18, 2018
Kathleen Wood and Joe Clair Whole Foods

Kathleen Wood and Joe Clair at Whole Foods (Photo by Erin Thibeau)


By Erin Thibeau

"This Whole Foods doesn't have mumbo sauce?!" Joe Clair asked in shock when he discovered the Whole Foods South Capitol Hill doesn't carry the D.C. staple.  

"This is Southeast!" he said. "Y'all need a chicken and mumbo bar here!" 

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During his live broadcast at the grand opening, Joe spoke with Kathleen Wood, who sources products from small local businesses to stock at the store.

So rest assured, Joe will push for Whole Foods to stock what he calls a "hood delicacy." 

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