Fans and Celebs Rally Around A$AP Rocky Calling For His Release From Swedish Jail

July 10, 2019
ASAP Rocky remains in Sweden under inhumane conditions.

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By Cameron Jenkins

Reports that A$AP Rocky is being held in inhumane conditions in a jail in Sweden have sparked outrage from fans and celebs alike.

The conditions of the jail where Rocky is currently being held were described in a report from TMZ as just as bad as "walking into a toilet."

Uncleaned feces, inedible food, and unclean water were all reported to be features of Rocky's lamentable stay at  Kronoberg prison.

Rocky was also denied a meeting with a U.S. consolate, which is required under Vienna Convention for Consular Relations treaty that both the United States and Sweden have signed, according to the report.

A fan of Rocky's started a petition requesting that the rapper be immediately released.

"To keep Rocky and his colleagues in jail pending the lengthy trial proceedings is a punishment before the fact, with no due process," the petition states. "Join us in the #JusticeForRocky movement and demand that Rocky be released from Swedish officials immediately."

Fredrik Wallin, governor of the prison, refuted the reports telling the BBC that the prison is in "good condition."

He went on to say that all prisioners are given three meals a day and the facilities are properly sanitized.

Despite this, rappers including ScHool Boy Q, Tyler, The Creator, and Lil Yachty say they won’t be going to Sweden anytime soon.

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