The DMV Knights of Capitol Heights Need Your Help to Get to Nationals

November 26, 2018

By Eyasu Delesa

The DMV KNIGHTS of Capitol Heights recently secured the Maryland State and Big East Regional championships but they need the help of the communty to compete for  a National Championship in Florida. 

Help the @DMVKnights8U_Silver of Capitol Heights get to nationals. Donate here:

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The team visited the Joe Clair Morning Show to let the DMV know how they can help. Read a blurb about the boys' journey below:

As you can imagine, these dedicated young student athletes are already winners in our eyes and we are trying to do something BIG here for a GREAT cause. Our boys have come together from different backgrounds and financial classes;  some are facing larger obstacles than others such as single parent households, low-income based families and neglect as they have not had the fortune until now of interacting with people who see them in the positive light that our DMV-Knights coaching staff sees them. Despite their different backgrounds, we (as a TEAM; ie. the boys; the coaches; our team moms and the parents!)—We have created what we has grown to be a true ‘brotherhood’ amongst these young boys; and a safe-haven and positive environment for them to build up each and every last one of their confidence and self-esteem. 

Click here, or Cashapp '$DMV8USILVER,' to help the boys travel to Florida and compete for a Natty!

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