Behind the Scenes: Sunni's Epic Trip through Morocco, Barcelona & Paris

September 11, 2018

By Sunni and the City

Coming back to work after a vacation is never easy, but since I love my job so much (and I've missed our listeners), I thought I'd share some highlights and behind the scenes from my 10-day trip through Morocco, Barcelona and Paris.

It all started with my friend Olga proposing that we go somewhere semi close and hit bunch of spots in a week. So we did. 

One time for the best travel partner!! The adventures of Sunni and Olga! --❤️

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The first three days in Marrakech, Morocco, were amazing. One thing you MUST do in Morocco is take a day trip through the Atlas Mountain, learn about the Berber people and see the highest mountain top in North Africa.

Clearly, I had no idea that there would be mostly walking involved. According to the tour's site, it stated that it was mostly on camels and our tour guide driver. Well it wasn't. 

It turned out to be a eight-hour walking trip through the mountains (me in my Gucci hardtop sneakers - yikes) and according to our FitBits, we clocked in nine miles that day. Wow. One of the most memorable experiences of the entire trip (my toes are still feeling the pain).

They see me rolling ...

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Typical. --

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Then there was that iconic photo at our hotel's pool... (By the way, if you ever go to Marrakesh, Es Saadi Palace is where you must stay. Their customer service and hospitality is unmatched.)

To get that shot, Olga and I had to take turns going on the rooftop and taking photos through a small window opening, trying our hardest not to drop the phone three floors down into the water!

------------ ------ -- ------------ --

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Barcelona was my favorite destination out of the three. The food, the people, the hospitality... everything gets an A+!

-------- ---------------- ----

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I loved this shot from Park Guell. You must buy your tickets in advance and also get on a tourist bus to drop you off close to the park. Fun fact, there is LOTS of walking involved. Buses and other transports never drop you off in front of a location, you will walk. There was a line to get this shot and people kept cutting in and ruining shots for people in front of us, so I had to step in and act as a security for a few minutes to make sure we get this shot in time before dark. LOL 

Barcelona, you stole our hearts!!! -- (and filled our stomachs cause the food is AHHH-MAZING)

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Paris was cute. It's a beautiful city with so much to see.

Come with me!

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Hey Mona Lisa!

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But between the food being blah and Parisians being so rude and unwelcoming I was ready to leave after the first day. Maybe because I was coming from such a high on my Barcelona leg of the trip, so my expectations were so high.

One great thing about being in Paris for those two days was that the weather was BEAUTIFUL, and we got a chance to take some beautiful pictures. Me smiling at the Eiffel Tower was probably because the crepes that were being sold down the street were so good!!

Never miss a sunset --

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Also, bring ALL your coins to Paris cause it's NOT cheap. Compared to the other spots, it's overly priced so you will not get the most bang for your buck. 

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