As Anacostia River Cleanup Continues Residents Say Not Clean Enough

August 12, 2019
Mussles will be used to help clean up the Anacostia River.

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Mayor Murial Bowser's office announced that it is investing a $400,000 grant to support the cleanup of the Anacostia River.

In a pilot program last year, Anacostia Watershed Society began efforts to conserve the mussel population within the river and improve the water quality, according to a press release.

“Clean and healthy rivers mean a stronger Washington, DC, and we’re proud of the tremendous progress we’ve made to protect our city’s greatest natural assets,” Mayor Bowser said.

Maureen Farrington, marketing manager for the society, said the program has been producing promising results -- allowing the mussels to filter the water -- and even benefits the city's youth, according WTOP.

“We brought it into the classroom,” she said. “We do a program with second graders. We’ll actually bring some mussels into the classroom, and they’ll study them and learn all about the life cycle.”

The added grant will allow 35,000 native mussels to be introduced into the river.

Despite the changes, some people in the community have expressed that the river is not clean enough just yet.

Rapper Wale shared a video on Twitter showing a group of people jumping into the river for a quick swim.

It did not take long for the criticism to begin.

"This is wild{*} They in the Anacostia? A few weeks back I seen folks jumping in the inner harbor in Baltimore{*} We gonna see a new type of flu in a year," @Bwreckless tweeted.

"Better off swimming in a toilet," @thisisceezy tweeted.

"Portapotty water might be cleaner," @CoolieHigh tweeted.

The consensus seemed clear that many people would rather not take their chances.

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