Meek Mill, Jay-Z Collaborate On New Record Label

July 24, 2019

Meek Mill and Jay-Z are teaming up to create a new record label in collaboration with Roc Nation. 

Mill will lead the label, which is named Dream Chasers Records, the Associated Press reported. 

The new partnership comes after the pair worked together on a project aiming to change probation and parole laws. Mill also recently became a co-owner of Lids. 

"His integrity, his honesty, his sense of responsibility," Jay-Z said about Mill in an interview with the Associated Press. "Everything that he's done leading up to this point, it showed that he can carry that weight for the next generation of people. Everybody can sign some artists, make some money and brag about how hot they are for ... (but) for us, we look at the big picture. For us, it's way beyond signing hot artists and having a hot record."

Mill told the Associated Press he wants to sign artists who want to influence society rather than generate social media buzz. 

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