Gucci Apologizes for Sweater Resembling Blackface Following Backlash

February 7, 2019

By Erin Thibeau

Black History Month has not been off to a good start.

Actor Liam Neeson revealed he once thought of killing a random black person out of a racist revenge fantasy, Virginia's governor and attorney general are both embroiled in blackface scandals, and now yet another luxury fashion brand is being called out for incorporating racist imagery into its product line. And we're only 7 days in!

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Gucci has received intense backlash for its $890 "Balaclava knit top," which many people say resembles blackface makeup.


It's a mistake easily avoided by hiring more people of color, but here we are.

Gucci has pulled the sweater from its online and physical stores and released an apology, calling the uproar a "powerful learning moment" for the company.

Happy Black History Month!

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