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D.C. Woman Says Cops Were Called on Her for 'Flying While Fat & Black'

April 30, 2018

By Erin Thibeau

A passenger on an American Airlines flight to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport says the cops were called on her for "flying while fat & Black."

Amber J. Phillips, a writer and co-host of the podcast Black Joy Mixtape, shared a "horror movie and inside look to flying while Black" in a now-viral Twitter thread over the weekend.

Phillips said she was on a short commuter flight from North Carolina to D.C. and her seatmate, a white woman, "spent the entire 45 minute flight making an active scene bc my arm was touching hers. Loudly asking if I could 'move over' on a plane so small everyone's carryon bags had to be valeted."

After the plane landed, Phillips said she boarded the shuttle bus, where the cops removed her for questioning.

Read the whole story below.

American Airlines subsequently reached out to Phillips on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the airline told BuzzFeed News "two passengers seated next to each other engaged in a verbal altercation while on board," and that upon landing, "one of the passengers requested the flight attendant contact law enforcement."

In a statement from Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, a spokesperson said, "both passengers complied with police requests, and it was determined that there was no immediate threat to passenger safety."

"There were no arrests, no charges were filed and both passengers continued on their way without further incident," said MWAA.

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