D.C. Central Kitchen empowers the community through culinary arts.

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D.C. Central Kitchen Serves Up Free Culinary Education

May 28, 2019

D.C. Central Kitchen provides a second chance to adults who have experienced dead-end jobs, hard times, or have few other career options.

It offers two culinary training programs that provide a pipeline to careers in the culinary arts.

No prior education or job experience is necessary to enter the program.

“We care about our students’ potential much more than their pasts, and work to prepare adults facing high barriers to employment for careers in the food service industry," the website reads. "Thanks to our generous donors, all admitted students receive full scholarships to attend our program, so there is no cost to our students at any point in their training or in the two years of post-graduation support we provide.”

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During a 14-week long process, students have the opportunity to learn the technical skills necessary to become a tk chef as well as the basics for life in corporate America including how to dress for an interview, how to be confident and when to code-switch, the Washington Post reports.

It is designed to change the life trajectory of all students who enter it.

“All I need to hear from them is ‘I want to change my life,’ ” Terrell Danley, one of the program leads, told The Washington Post.

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Enrollment for the program based out of D.C. Central Kitchen begins the first Monday of each month.

Summer classes open June 24 and the application deadline is June 14.

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