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Common Calls New Album ‘Most Relevant & Important Music’ He’s Done

October 21, 2016

By Erin Thibeau

Common came through The Joe Clair Morning Show Friday to talk about his new album “Black America Again”–which he calls “some of the best work I’ve ever done”–social justice, the election and more.

It's good to connect with @joeclair and @stephlova100 at @wpgc after all these years. This is full circle and all love! #BlackAmericaAgain

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The hip-hop veteran’s 11th studio album drops November 4, and “this music has definitely got social, political awareness–the consciousness that we love in music when it’s good,” he said.

“It’s some of the most relevant and important music that I’ve ever done in my life,” he continued. “I just want it to speak to the people and enlighten them.”

Common chooses to “stay intellectual, stay fresh” with his music, and he won’t “dumb it down” for anyone.

A longstanding advocate of social justice and racial equality, the rapper wants to be an “instrument of change.”

“We got a chance in hip-hop…to have the microphone,” he said. “This is the time that…something needs to be said.” Common applauds artists like Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper who speak up about racial injustice.

Obama and Common are mutual fans, he said. The rapper called the fellow Chicagoan a “man of the people.”

As for who he’s voting for November 8, Common is with Hillary Clinton, and would be happy to have a woman in the White House.

Pre-order “Black America Again” here.

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