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Chaos Erupts at Court for Case of Murder of 3 Children in Clinton

August 21, 2017

Sparks flew in a Prince George’s County courtroom Monday morning when the man accused of killing three children in Clinton faced family members of the murdered girls.

The girls are the daughters of the suspect’s mother’s cousin, police say.

Antonio Williams’ mother repeatedly yelled “Mommy loves you” while being restrained by family members, WUSA9 reports.

This upset the family members of the murdered children, who subsequently began yelling and charging at the mother of Williams.

Police had to get involved and separate the two sides.

The judge ordered that the suspect be seen for a psychiatric evaluation after he began shouting in the courtroom, WUSA9’s Scott Broom reported.

The suspect cried and shouted as he came to his seat, WUSA9 reports. Williams also apparently yelled “Im not the one you are looking for!”

Williams was watching the girls by himself at the home overnight into Friday. He confessed to the killings, according to police.

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