real good people awards wpgc BJ Paige

Credit: WPGC Street Team

Boys 2 Bowties Founder BJ Paige Wins Real Good People Award

June 22, 2018

WPGC has selected BJ Paige as a Real Good People Awards winner!

BJ is the founder of Boys 2 Bowties, a non-profit "aiming to support under-served adolescence, ages 8-18, through workshops, mentors and consultations while becoming restored young adults and respectable residents for the future." The organization's goal is "to teach cultural awareness, respect, work ethic and accountability in an effort to position our community to be prosperous both now and in their professional careers."

Special shout out and thank you to @wpgc for being the pillars to the commUNITY and acknowledging our Founder, BJ Paige with their “Real Good People” Award -- We’re excited at what our youth and young adults exemplify, it makes it look easy to be a mentor! #Boys2Bowties #STOP #SeekTimeOrPay #commUNITY #WPGC

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He's also a Youth Career Consultant at the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation and a Youth Advisor at the Prince George's County NAACP.

As his nomination reads:

I nominate BJ Paige. He does so much for so many people and I never see him get what he deserves. He has been a mentor to me and so many people like me from my neighborhood and school. He has a mentor program called Boys 2 Bowties and he helped me go from a 2.0 student in Gholson Middle School who wanted to play basketball to a 4.0 11th grader playing Varsity basketball at Central High School. And it’s not just me; it’s at least another like 10 that I know. He is also always helping and speaking to us youth every chance he gets to help us grow in a positive way. I know he helps adults too; he helps them get jobs for a living and is always pushing them to do better. Last year he spoke at our high school graduation, and I know he’s helped some of the graduates find jobs. Last, I know how much he does for his daughter and son. He is always making sure everyone around him is just happy and I am glad to know him. He deserves the WPGC Real Good People Award.

WPGC surprised BJ with his award in Capital Heights, Maryland, on June 18.

real good people awards wpgc BJ Paige
Credit: WPGC Street Team

real good people awards wpgc BJ Paige
Credit: WPGC Street Team

Find out more about Boys 2 Bowties here.

Real people do good things every day in our community. In 2018, WPGC is recognizing people around the DMV for making our community a better place. ​

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