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‘Too Ghetto:’ A Cheering Tradition Comes Under Scrutiny at Local School

January 24, 2017


The Springbrook High School cheerleading team returned to the floor on Friday, Jan 28.

The team took to Springbrook High School’s official Twitter account to announce their return.

“We’re back!!! #shs #shscheer #bluedevilpride,” the tweet reads.

As the cheerleaders for Springbrook High School performed during a rival basketball game, the school’s principal shared some controversial comments with cheerleaders’ coach, Andrea Short.

“Little too ghetto; tone it down,” Principal Art Williams said, according to The Blueprint, the school’s publication.

Two days later, before another basketball game, Springbrook Athletic Director Dan Feher held a meeting with the cheerleading team to discuss their performance style.

According to The Blueprint:

“The team was asked not to give input during the conversation and counter arguments were shut down. Feher explained that their routines did not fit his ‘new standards’ for Springbrook athletics.”

The team said their style was inspired by Historically Black Colleges & Universities’ (HBCU) cheer teams. According to the publication, Feher said the HBCU culture had no place in Montgomery County Public Schools and the cheer routines should be more positive.

“He took 16 aspiring young girls in a room and told them they have no voice,” senior captain Tyler Bragg tells The Blueprint. “That their opinion doesn’t matter and that we were all replaceable.”

The team was so upset after that meeting, they did not perform at the game that night.

As a result, Principal Williams called another meeting with the team and apologized for using the term, “ghetto.” He also apologized to the entire school in a statement.

In that same follow up meeting, Feher told the team he would discuss additional concerns with parents, but not with the team.

He would later tell parents he “went too far” with the girls.

The cheerleaders have since decided not to perform at another game against Sherwood — but have not made a decision on cheering in games in the future.


MCPS has announced that the principal will be meeting with students and parents to address any concerns.

The team hasn’t announced whether they will perform at the basketball game against Northwood on Wednesday.

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