Jimmy Kimmel Presents Low Budget Parody of Drake's 'God's Plan' Video

February 23, 2018

By Hayden Wright

In Drake's ambitious video for "God's Plan," the rapper gives away nearly $1 million to unsuspecting strangers in Miami — delighting the internet and making life a little easier for countless individuals.

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the show's writers decided to give Drake's video a low-budget revamp. Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo is tasked with the philanthropic mission of giving away $100 to strangers in a 99 Cent store. Guillermo announces on a megaphone that all purchases in the store (under 99 cents) will be on him — but each shopper only gets one item, so wise choices must be made.

In one scene, he flips through a roll of $1 dollar bills like a wealthy playa. In another, he makes it rain ($1 bills) on a lady under an umbrella. At the video's close, Guillermo gives an oversized check for $96 and change to the store's cashier. Watch Kimmel and Guillermo's hilarious take on "God's Plan" here: