WATCH: Kevin Hart Interviews Lavar Ball While They're Both in Ice Baths

February 9, 2018
Kevin Hart,, Lavar Ball

Photo credit: SIPA, © Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


Combine Kevin Hart with Lavar Ball and you are bound to be entertained.

I mean, that's exactly what happened when the comedian teamed up with the Big Baller for a video segment called "Cold as Balls" on Kevin’s Laugh Out Loud network. In the video, Hart and Ball, both taking ice baths, have an hilarious back-and-forth where the comedian interviews Ball about being an NBA and a big baller.


“There’s no tape you dunking a basketball? Nobody’s got a VHS?” Hart asked. “They don’t even got you smacking the backboard. Nobody’s got you tapping the backboard, nobody’s got you on the fast break. Where is the footage?” “No footage is needed!” Ball exclaimed. “You’re a liar!” Hart responded.