Officials Face Harsh Criticism Over Baltimore City Schools Heating Issues

January 3, 2018
School Bus

Photo credit © TNS


Several Baltimore City Schools have recently closed and dismissed early due to heating and waters issues and people are asking for answers from officials about why students and teachers are left to deal with horrid classroom conditions.

Baltimore City Public Schools informed the public about the closings at four schools but according to students, parents and teachers who spoke to the Baltimore Sun, the problem has been widespread.

Councilman Zeke Cohen informed the Sun that city school parents called him to tell him about the low temperatures in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

“As a new parent of a daughter who will someday be a student in city schools, it is unacceptable the way we treat our young people,” Cohen told the Baltimore Sun. “I wouldn’t want my daughter learning in frigid temperatures, and I don’t want anyone else’s child learning in that environment either. This needs to be fixed immediately.”

School and city officials have drawn harsh criticism across social media over the conditions.


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