Here's Why Joe Budden is Leaving Complex

December 20, 2017
Joe BUdden

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Joe Budden left Complex's "Everyday Struggle," which he created in a surprising move Tuesday and now he has revealed what caused the split. After going on a short rant about not being allowed to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom at Complex, Budden began listing the reasons the relationship went sour.

Each reason he gave is quoted below.

  • First meeting



I told Akademiks, Noah and plenty of other people that for this show to be a success, we kinda have to address some of the other things going on at Complex. In month one or month two I noticed that all of that shit was out the window. No one really gave a fuck the way that I did. The way that I did." He went on to reference the fact that he knows he's a lot more "passionate than some other people," and that "self-awareness is important here."



  • Nike



Month three, they come to us and they say that Nike has Vapor Max sneakers, 'We're doing a sponsor integration or some shit and we need you to wear this.' My business mind told me that I knew better than that. I wore it anyway. That's a check people, and it's not a small check. It's a rather large check. Complex solicits rather large checks." His co-host Parks then asks: "Do they share with the creators?" Budden (rather firmly): "No. No...That was a red flag"



  • Spotify saga:



Spotify calls them, they want us to talk about a rap caviar playlist, they wanna insert topics for me to speak about, candid. Under the guise of it being air quotes 'candid.' For no money..or...very little money. As the creator of this show, that's a problem. So Joe says, no. Know what they said? 'Fuck you Joe, we'll do it without you.' Know what Spotify said, 'Sorry Complex, no you won't.' I'm telling you about a company that has now damaged a relationship with one of the top three streaming providers. Creators, cause I'm not talking to everyone. Everyone will not understand what Joe fights for.....I'm talking to the creators... I cannot create a show and you sell the fucking properties of that show without cutting a slice to the ni**as that make that fu**ing show possible. Sorry, that's not Joe being irate...when you get with the nut case you gotta stick with the nut case.



  • Guests saga



In between all of this, they start to incorporate guests on this show. I did not build and create this show to fu**ing talk to guests every day. I hate fu**king GUESTS! Playing devils advocate, co-host Rory brings up Budden's contractual agreement and how Complex is a rather large corporation, telling Budden "Complex is gonna Complex" I thought that Complex would recognize what Akademiks and myself as outside entities and vendors have done for that conglomerate and at the end of the contract, that they have appreciated the best year they've ever had. More subscriptions than they've ever had, more audience than they've ever had. Our show increased the numbers for ALL the shows. As a creator I try to be ahead of cannot not acknowledge the creators and compensate the creators...I'm not the only creator who feels that way over there.



  • Bad Business



I had my baby Friday. Sunday, Ian emails Complex to say no need to worry about a thing, Joe will be there Monday. Know what they hit him back and said? 'In receipt of your email, Joe's newly expired contract is indeed expired. We have moved on. IF Joe was to come to work that would be awesome but he will accept this rate of pennies and biscuits.


Budden closed the segment saluting Akademiks for his contributions to the show and acknowledging that he doesnt expect Ak to hold the same standards as him.

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