Downtown D.C. Residents Complain of Street Noise at Council Meeting

December 12, 2017
D.C. Street Music

Photo via DreamsTime


Downtown D.C. residents are complaining about the noise of the city, and their gripes are sparking debate on social media over how much noise is too much. At a D.C. Council meeting Monday, dozens of residents asked for officials to pass stricter noise laws or better enforce them.

"The noise is so significant that our daughter cannot use her software voice-over programs to complete her homework, read or perform other tasks of daily living," a man in attendance, David Mitchell, told NBC Washington.

His daughter Emma said, "I use [the program> VoiceOver on my Mac, and it allows me to write papers via dictation, and without the computer and my iPhone, I wouldn't be able to interact with the world."

The family lives in the Gallery Place area, known for its bucket drummers and street performers. "The Mitchells moved to Gallery Place to enjoy the vibrancy of the city, not to endure the endless music that invades their upper-floor home," according to NBC. NBC's Tom Sherwood reported from the DC Council meeting.

The Joe Clair Morning Show's Sunni tweeted about the story and got a lot of replies along the lines of "If you don't like it, you can leave."

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