The Drake vs. Joe Budden beef continues to flourish.

Drake recently released a “Scary Hours EP” which included two songs, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” On “Diplomatic Immunity,” Drizzy appears to takes shots at Budden.

“Sh** is complex like short n***as ‘round tall ladies/ I gotta watch who I’m talkin’ to like it’s all ages,” Drake spits. “I’ve seen buddin’ careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers/ judgin’ their peers/ Knowledge from n***as who did not contribute to none of this here.”

Drake subs Budden with the play on words. “Buddin” refers to Budden (obviously), then he continues to talk about Budden’s post-rap career in which he critiques rappers in a debate style show.

Budden responded on his weekly podcast, “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

Here’s the conversation below:

Parks: What’d you think of the song?

Budden: * Makes some noise * ..It was dope.

Rory: That’s what you got? It was dope?

Joe: *Chuckles* I was just trying to feel the room out.

Mal: They are good records though.

Budden: I didn’t hear the second record.

Some time passes as they discuss both records.

Mal: Listen. I would just like to rewind the tape to when I said Drake and Joe was gonna dance… I tried to tell em. That was him asking for a dance, by the way…if you didn’t know that. I don’t know if you accepted the dance or not.

Budden: Wait wait wait. This just took a turn. This just got interesting. Mal what are you talking about?

Mal: What am I talking about? I’m talking what the world is talking about. He asked you for a dance, you still sitting down. How many songs need to play before you get up and dance?

Budden: You not saying that…you’re kidding right now. You are joking right now.

Mal: I’m SERIOUS. He’s asking for a dance.

Rory: In Joe’s defense, Joe was dancing on the top of his head for 6 months. Drake would not even come to the venue.

Budden: I was at the prom…on the floor. Killing the dance floor. Now, I’m out of school. How you tryna dance with a ni**a that’s gone? Let me just say…I do not think that’s what that was. Maybe my interpretation is off.

Parks: How do you think that “Jealous One’s Envy” was a diss but not this?

Budden: That was 100% a diss?

The group then asks Budden who he thinks Drake was talking about.

Budden: This is wordplay. I don’t take this as a diss. I think the newer generation don’t really know what a diss is anymore so any time you are directing something towards somebody…

Mal: This is a definitely a diss.

Budden: How?

Mal: Says rap lyrics… “I’ve seen buddin’ careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers”

Budden: Where’s the diss? Tell me where the diss is?

Mal: That whole bar is a diss.

Budden: How? It’s true.

Mal: Disses are usually true though.

Budden: I don’t see where you going here. Him saying “I’ve seen buddin’ careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers”..I mean that shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. I mean, he clearly said how he felt about my career on “No Shoppin,” when he said there was promise there and you fell flat on your fu**ing face.

Mal: That was a diss right?

Budden: It’s not a diss.

Rory: Do you think people could interpret sitting around, judging other people as a good thing?

Budden: I didn’t know that you should judge it anyway.

Parks: There was some salt in that bar.

Mal: A little bit? A whole bottle of Lowrys. I know salt when I see salt.

Budden: Let me just say I didn’t take it that way…..first of all…he can’t be asking me to dance two years after a dance.

Rory: Yeah you can. Nas did.

Mal: This is where you fell on his list of priorities. He didn’t feel like asking you to dance at that moment.

Parks: A lot of people have asked you to dance way after the dance by the way.

Budden: Like?

Parks: Jay Z

Budden: JAY Z did not want to dance.

Mal: He’s still on the dance floor?

Budden: WHO?

Mal: JAY!

Budden: You think Jay wanna dance with me?

Mal & Parks: YES!

The group goes on a random tangent about JAY Z.

Budden: I certainly don’t think Drake is trying to dance with me…two years after the fact.

Rory: He’s inviting you to the dance.

Budden: Even after he DM’d me? And told me that he supports me?

Mal: Yes.

Budden: I’m not longer dancing though. I’m retired from dancing. My feet are done.

Are you surprised that Budden doesn’t wanna dance with Drake?


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