By Robyn Collins

When Tyler, the Creator walked onto the set of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he had a treat for the host. They shook hands, hugged and then the rapper grabbed the host’s butt.

Colbert said that he’d have to call HR if they worked together, had it been an unwelcome contact. He assured Tyler, though, that it wasn’t unwelcome.

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Refusing to acknowledge the tush squeeze, Tyler said, “Stephen Colbert is a liar!” and added “You don’t have proof,” to which, Colbert explained that the aforementioned grope was, in fact, filmed.

With that settled, the host went through a list of his guest’s accomplishments and when they talked bling, Tyler said his jewelry idol was Elizabeth Taylor. Somehow, the conversation ended up with the host and artists making a date to watch her movies.

Tyler then took the stage to perform his new single “911.”

Check out the clips below.

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