Ice Cube spoke about how little things have changed since '91.

By Robyn Collins

The reissue of Ice Cube’s 1991 Death Certificate will include new songs “Only One Me,” “Dominate The Weak” and the haunting lead single, “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” according to Rolling Stone.

On the track, the old school rapper delivers, “I showed Tupac how to keep it gangsta/ I showed Biggie Smalls how to release his anger/ Who came before me?/ Melle Mel, Ice T, King Tee, KRS and the homey Chuck D, P.E., D.O.C., n—– know your history/ It’s Cube in top three/ And you’s a bitch to me/ Ice Cube, the name will live in infamy/ There’s a lot of yous, there’s only one of me.”

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In a recent statement, Ice Cube spoke about how little things have changed since ’91. “Sadly, our community is dealing with many of the same issues. I only hope that young millennials feeling powerless in the ’hood can channel their own anger and frustration by listening to this record.”

Death Certificate was originally recorded in response to the Rodney King beating that ignited the Los Angeles riots.

Cube shared that his intention for the record was to reflect a “state of emergency,” and he divided the songs into two groups. “The Death Side is a mirror image of where we are today,” while “The Life Side represents a vision of where we need to go.”

The Death Certificate reissue is available for pre-order. Fans will receive an instant download of “Only One Me.”

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