Don’t worry fam, Joe is okay. Some teenagers broken into Joe’s car while he was previewing homes for his real estate ventures on Wednesday.

See how things went down below:

True story. Had my car broken into while out previewing homes in NE. I immediately called police then someone let me borrow a charger because my iPhone was dead. I tracked my iPad and the police were gonna meet me there. I got there before they did. I saw a group of young dudes standing in the spot my iPhone showed my iPad to be. There was an after school program right there headed by Coach Sunny. He recognized me and coach Sunny and I walked over and asked for it back. I showed them that it was tracked and then Coach says, "Man this is Joe Clair from the radio." The young brothers were ready to give it up but were to worried about repercussions so the lead dude told us to step off for a second and after I took about ten steps they gave me my iPad back. I gave them some dough as a "thank you" gesture and left it at that. The other cars that were with me were broken into as well and one had a window busted out. I suspect a pipehead stole the stuff and traded it and they ended up with it. Once I saw the young dudes, I didn't want any of them to go to jail for it. It was weird because I felt hopeless that I couldn't do anything real and meaningful for the youngin, besides not having anyone arrested. I have one guys number and I'll try to reach out once I can figure out what to say to them that would be impactful, lasting and real. I know personally has as ton to offer them but I don't know how to make them know that. PS, i didnt get my BLACK #Tumi backpack that my wife bought me as a gift for getting my radio gig. It has month's worth of #momentofclarity in it and I really wanted those the most. AT NORFEAS' LEMME GET THAT BACK IF Y'ALL SEE IT!

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Now Joe is DMV made, so in his heart he didn’t want young brothers arrested for doing what young street brothers are almost programmed to do.

Fortunately for Joe, he got everything back.

Now, how do yall feel about how Joe handled it? Did the kids deserve a break or should he have called the cops?

Take our poll below!


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