Complex Thinks D.C. Killed Go-go Music, The DMV Aint Rockin

Complex caused a stir on social media Friday morning when they sent out a tweet saying D.C. killed go-go music.

There’s only one problem though…Go-go will never die in D.C., no matter how much national media wants to think it might.

Lets make on thing clear– the article does show a lot of love to DMV rapper GoldLink and go-go music.

The problem is the way Complex decided to push out the story on social media.

“How D.C. killed go-go—and why @GoldLink created its memorial”…………………………

D.C. (POLICE!!!) (TRIED) to kill go-go…it’s unfair for Complex–who have a national reach–to frame the story as if people from the DMV decided to kill go-go music.

The article brings up fair points about local police cracking down on go-gos after increased amounts of violence at the events.

“The new album, the latest in a three-project process of self-discovery, is about growing up broke and black on the fringes of America’s center of power, as the Nation’s capital loses its soul—not only to gentrification and police antagonism, but also community efforts to end go-go in the name of public safety,” the article says.

Read that again…..“community efforts to end go-go in the name of public safety.”

Now, to say that local police forces weren’t cracking down on go-gos because of violence would be a lie. But what the article fails to address is the soul of go-go music will never die or go away.

There may not be as many go-gos…and police might crack down on the few, but the music still rings a bell throughout the city.

It was just the five year anniversary of Chuck Brown’s death…who is widely considered the king of go-go. People showed their respect and go-go music got a lot of radio run.

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GoldLink seems to be in agreeance with folks who don’t think go-go is dead.

“You can’t take the essence out of the people. That’s one thing I realize. Go-go is never gonna die,” Goldlink told Complex.

Folks from the DMV took to Twitter to express their disdain for the article.

Shout out to GoldLink for incorporating go-go sound into his music…but something that is literally embedded into the culture of an entire region will never die.

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