“I'll be honest with you: It’s not fun,” Amber said.

By Rahul Lal

On the latest episode of Loveline with Amber Rose, Amber and co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue were joined by special guest star Perez Hilton (who hosts his own Play.It podcast, The PHP).

Gossip maven Hilton was eager to discuss a new song written by Taylor Swift for country group Little Big Town called “Better Man.” The lyrics have been widely interpreted to be a direct shot against Swift’s ex-, producer/songwriter Calvin Harris. Hilton was quick to defend Swift as he believed the song was a sign of strength by the country and pop star.

“I think she thought that he was ‘the one’… until she started to get treated like crap,” he said. “It’s kind of a love song for herself which I think is a very interesting take on it. Basically, we can infer that it is Calvin Harris who drove her away because he was too jealous and intimidated by her success.”

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Amber had her own take when it came to talking about Calvin Harris though she does not personally know him.

“I heard that he’s a complete dick,” she said. “That’s what I heard. That is not from Taylor, I don’t know Taylor personally but I’ve heard from people that know him and that’s just hearsay but I heard that he’s a true f—ing a–hole, especially to women.”

Amber discussed the experience of being the subject of a popular song, particularly when the world knows that it is about you. Amber has dated megastars like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa in the past who have both made songs about her. While she didn’t necessarily reveal which star or song affected her the most, she revealed that the experience was hurtful.

“It’s not fun,” Amber revealed. “I’ll be honest with you. Especially during a time where I felt like I didn’t have a voice at all and I couldn’t really defend myself. At that time he was like the biggest name in the world,” she said, without specifying who “he” is.

Amber’s rise to fame came around the same time she was noticed by Kanye, and her fame is often credited to him. After the very public breakups, listeners went wild to speculate on whether certain songs were inspired by Amber.

“I felt powerless,” Amber sad. “I’m in my house and I’m like ‘Oh my god, seriously? What do I say? What do I do?’ It lives forever. Then I just killed everyone with success because I just kept my mouth shut and said ‘Okay.’”

Though she felt victimized by the songs, the stories and the media’s attention at the time, she feels as though she can look back and understand the songs and both of those artists. She went so far as to relate it back to Swift and talk about the creativity of individuals like those mentioned before.

“I think it’s two different things,” she continued. “As a creative person like Taylor Swift and the creative men who wrote songs about me, you want them to be creative like Adele. If Adele never went through a heartbreak, we would never have Adele like we have her today. You kind of need that as long as it doesn’t come off malicious and mean and f—ed up.”

To hear more about these topics as well as advice given by Amber, Dr. Chris Donaghue and  Perez Hilton, listen to the latest episode of Loveline on CBS Radio’s Play.it podcast network.

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