"Switch sides you better stay there," he raps.

By Amanda Wicks

Rick Ross may have come a long way from watching residents “p—ing in the project buildings” when he was growing up, but that doesn’t mean he forgot the street rules that raised him. In the new visual for his track “No U-Turns,” Ross shows what happens when you jump sides. “Switch sides you better stay there,” he raps on the chorus.

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Directed by Ryan Snyder, “No U-Turns” features some double dealings. Ross is living the big life now, hanging with confidante–and the music video’s possible gang boss–Fred Williamson in his plush study, but when he leaves those safe surroundings and ventures out onto the street he finds not everyone has his back.

As Ross walks towards his car counting a serious stack of cash, he notices two men watching him from another vehicle. They follow him as he gets in a gorgeous blood red Cadillac convertible and pulls away. Shots of Ross driving the car while the men continue to tail him are intercut with landscape shots of the freeway shown upside down. When someone double crosses Ross, the world gets flipped upside down.

But he’s always in control. Ross pulls off the freeway into a secluded area where he finds his crew waiting for him, and they are quick to deal with the rats.

The video also serves as some serious product placement for Luc Belaire Rare Rose champagne, which can be seen on Ross’ desk, in his hand, and in the 30-second commercial that intros the video. Watch the explicit video on Radio.com.

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