By Tony Redz

T.I. came through WPGC on September 15 to talk to Tony Redz about his new single, reaching people through trap music, and how he disciplines his kids.

The rapper’s new track is called “Warzone.” The police shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Stirling over the summer “motivated me to make music,” he said.

“Warzone” is about “alerting the people” who are in the dark that “we are living in a warzone, there’s people dying to your left and your right,” T.I. explained

“I wouldn’t say I’m politically driven; I’m more so spiritually driven,” he continued.

Tony asked T.I. if he had advice for brothers who are stopped by the police.

In raising his sons, the rapper said, “The things I try to encourage them to do is, first of all, comply with the authority. Understand that your ultimate goal is to make it home by any and every means.”

When face-to-face with an armed officer, “You don’t disarm them with hostility, you disarm them with intellect and peace. You gotta be as peaceful and humble as you possibly can,” he advised.

Awareness of police brutality is a key message Tip spreads through trap music.

“I’m known for bringing you the reality of the streets and the environment that we livin’ in, like, I’m known for trap music. And so, when I speak, the people who used to listenin’ to trap music gon’ listen to what I’m speaking…If i say it, it gon’ reach the people who need to hear it the most,” he continued.

The star of “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” also talked about parenting, and how he approaches trouble-making kids with “understanding” rather than “hostility.”

After all, he said, he used to be a “badass kid” himself.

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