Snoop looked back on his early days on Death Row in this interview on the Drink Champs podcast.

By Rahul Lal

Snoop Dogg, one of the OG’s of the rap game, sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on the Drink Champs podcast on CBS Radio’s podcast network to talk about his recent work with fellow west coast rapper, The Game, to ease the tension in Los Angeles. He also shared stories about the first time he met Nas, and an early Death Row story, in which is—somewhat surprisingly—expressed affection for the label’s notorious leader, Suge Knight.

“The first song we ever worked on was ‘G Thang,’” he said of his relationship with Dr. Dre. “We did a seven day tour for The Chronic, Run-D.M.C., Geto Boys and Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. And that motherf—– lasted seven days because on the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me all the Bloods and Crips that we had…every city we went to, it was a problem because they was like you can’t take all these rough, tough Bloods and Crips together.”

While the lineup and reception was great from the fans, Snoop revealed that there was plenty of resistance by law enforcement and members of the local communities.

“By the seventh day, we was chilling with some hoes in there and Suge knocked on my door, ‘Put the TV on channel 4,’” he continued. “I put it on channel 4 and the news was outside with the police and everything ‘Yeah we’re about to come in here and get these n—-s out of here right now, we got them surrounded.’ Suge, I swear, that’s why I love his gangsta head…[he] found a way to get me, him and Dr. Dre out… We ran through a back window, ran across a freeway, got us a motherf—–‘ rental car, drove to the next state, got us a private plane and we flew the f— up out of there. G s—, that n—- Suge Knight was a cold gangster.”

Gang life was a part of many of Snoop’s stories, including the first time he met New York rapper Nas. “It’s early 90’s, like ’93 or ’94, so I’m out there hanging with my homeboys. It’s a long street so we’re out there like seven or eight deep and a long van pull up, a white van, a 15 passenger van. A n—- jump out with an all red sweatsuit with one leg of his sweatpants lifted all the way up with some boots on and he’s running across the street where I’m at,” said Snoop in laughter; Nas, unknowingly, was wearing Blood colors in a Crip neighborhood.

“So my n—-s is finna get they thing out, I’m like hold on cuz, that’s the rapper from New York named Nas,” he continued. “This the first time I meet cuz and he running to me and I shake his hand. [I said,] ‘You got on all red in a Crip neighborhood and you brought a 15 passenger van, it looks real suspicious.’ When I shake his hand, I’m like ‘Check yourself, cuz. Next time you out here, here go my number, you got to call me first.’”

Snoop also discussed his work with The Game; the two have been in the news lately advocating for an open dialogue between those who feel victim to bad policing as well as police departments who are expressing their own opinions. The two approached L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti, and the heads of the Los Angeles Police Department to start the beginnings of the new dialogue.

“[Game’s] spirit was ‘We’re not going to go down there and smash at them but we’re going to talk to them and build a relationship,’” said Snoop. “If you don’t have any communication, the police are going to be scared when they pull up and just start throwing down when it should be about getting an understanding.”

Snoop reveals countless more stories and over shots and mary jane. To hear part one of the Drink Champs interview with Snoop Dogg, listen below.

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