It’s 4/20, and you know what that means?!

For those “observing” this high holiday in our nation’s capital, here are some things to know before you light up.

In case your short-term memory is failing you, it’s still illegal to buy or sell marijuana in the District. You can, however, have up to two ounces, grow up to six plants, and give up to an ounce to your of-age friends. Basically, money can’t change hands, but sharing is caring.

As for smoking up, you have to be 21 or older, and you can’t do it anywhere except for a home where the owner allows it. Paraphernalia like bongs, pipes and rolling papers are fine.

If you’re on federal land, which is roughly a third of the city, you can still be arrested for possessing marijuana. If you’re a federal employee, it’s still off-limits. Better luck next administration!

While it may be legal to smoke weed in a private residence, there’s no smoking allowed in public places like streets, sidewalks, parks or parking lots.

And pot clubs are still a pipe dream. On Tuesday, the D.C. Council voted to permanently ban social venues where patrons could legally consume marijuana outside of their homes.

Making a snack run? Hit the 7-Eleven within walking distance, because operating a vehicle (or boat!) under the influence is against the law.

For more facts on D.C. marijuana laws, go here.

Happy holidays!

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