Azealia Banks & T.I. Fight on Social Media

When two people fight on social media, the entire world can see.  Such is the case for Azealia Banks and T.I. who exchanged heated words on Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday.

Banks started the beef, after calling out T.I.‘s wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

In tweets that have been erased (but things don’t die on the Internet), Banks started, “The n—a shouting bad b—-es this bad b—-es that, is almost always at home with some busted bumpkin.” Two following tweets continue the argument. “But your wife has meth face,” said one. “And your wife can’t read,” said the third.

Soon, T.I. fought back on Instagram, posting a photo of Banks and calling her a string of words and threatening her. He started it off with “U musty mouthed thot bot bad body syphillis lipped rectum vomit unimportant ugly monstrosity of a maggot-ass b–ch.”

The message also included a threat, saint, “if you ever speak ill of my family again… I will end you.” He then added a comment that people fall down the stairs all the time.

Before threatening T.I. with a lawsuit, Banks added another string of tweets at T.I. “I’m taller than you in my heels,” “come see me n—a” with a final “and come by yourself.”

The only non-deleted tweet from the exchange is from Banks:

Tuesday night, TMZ caught up with T.I. and asked him about the exchange.  “You can say what you want about me but don’t go after my family,” he said to the cameraman. “I’ll chew your throat out your neck if I need to,” he continued, letting the world know his stance.

“I didn’t put nobody’s name in my mouth,” he explains before making a plea. “Leave me and my family alone.”

Pictures of the tweets and Instagram post are here on Buzzfeed.

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