Homeless Man Interupts Video Shoot & Drops Epic Reggae Freestyle

By: Jodi Phillips

Carlos Whittaker is a Gospel singer from Atlanta, Ga. who filmed a video that would forever change his life.  With just an acoustic guitar in hand and his voice, a homeless man wandered onto the set, kneeling down next to him with tears in his eyes.  What happened next blew everyone, including Whittaker, away.

The homeless man’s name is Danny, according to Whittaker, and he frequents a park in Atlanta.  While filming the video for his song “God of Second Chances,” Danny walked up to him, took off his hat and knelt down next to the singer as the Gospel singer sang on.  During a lyrical break was when Danny took everyone’s breath away, freestyling his own reggae verse to the song.

“Jehovah Jah, remember me…” the homeless man sang. “One Jah, there is one father, one creator.”

The moment moved Whittaker so much, the two spent the next 30 minutes speaking one-on-one about Danny’s life and experiences.

“There were many other moments in that convo that changed my life and perspective on homelessness,” Whittaker admitted on his blog. “I asked Danny how we could get back in touch with him and he gave me a cell phone number and told me he is at that park often.”

Unfortunately, when Whittaker tried to get in contact with Danny, his cell phone was no longer in use.  He has visited the park many times since their first encounter and he has yet to run into the man again.

“I had dreams of taking Danny on the road, recording another version with him, and getting him off the street. To no avail. Months passed and still no sign,” Whittaker wrote.

While the video is a site to be seen, many people are commenting on the validity of the moment.  Many claim that freestyle reggae is nearly impossible while other call into question the lack of Danny’s presence from that moment. Others believe it is a marketing ploy.

The video was originally published in 2009 and has only recently been uncovered.

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