By: Jodi Phillips

It’s hard to look at anything on the Internet today without wondering if someone is pranking you.  Did your best friend really get engaged?  Is your neighbor pregnant? What do you mean you’re quitting your job and moving across the country?

Well in an effort to keep you in the loop on what the Internet has up its sleeves today, we’ve compiled the best and worst pranks around the web.

The Google Maps Pokemon Challenge:

Scroll around Google Maps (hint: start at the Google headquarters) and look for Pokemon around the country.  There are 150 creatures lurking in all cracks of the nation today.

Southwest Airline’s Trip to Mars is Only $9,999:

It’s basically a steal.

Google Plus Photobombs:

The social sharing site launched an add-on that allows users to have David Hasselhoff photobomb every picture.

Google Chrome Wants to Emoji-fy the Web:

The written word just can’t keep up, says the staff of Google Chrome.  So, they have launched “Translate to Emoji” option for text.

Total Temperature Control with NEST + Virgin Airlines:

Every person on a plane deserves the right to control their own climate, right?  NEST and Virgin Airlines have a plethora of preset temperature controls for their guests including a windy Chicago day or a hot day in the Bahamas.

Airbnb Creates Airbrb:

Airbnb, a website dedicated to sharing apartments, rooms and houses in a hotel-like manner, has launched Airbrb.  Now, you can rent out your desk space while you “brb” for lunch or “brb” for a long meeting.

Headdit by Reddit:

Instead of using that pesky mouse, use your facial expressions and movements to scroll through links, vote on content and cat-ify your homepage.

Chili’s Ice Cream:

Everything you love (and hate) about Chili’s in one frozen bowl of goodness.


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