Happy Birthday, Facebook! WPGC Staff Reveal Embarrassing Photos

It’s been 10 years since Facebook was born in the confines Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room.  In 2004, Facebook started as a strict college photo sharing site and users could only join with an approved ‘.edu’ e-mail address.  These days, anyone can join Facebook and it has become an international sensation with over one billion users.  With Facebook being the world’s go-to site to share, save, commemorate and show off, it was only a matter of time those great pictures from your 2005 prom and 2008 baby shower resurfaced.  Maybe that all-corduroy outfit wasn’t the best choice in hindsight.

To say happy birthday and commemorate this great milestone for Facebook, some of the Fresh staff decided to share their great (and embarrassing) moments on Facebook.

Pablo (The Pablo Show) – The funniest Facebook moment I saw was when a friend’s tattoo went viral on the Internet. The second thing (which is kind of genius) is when I’m having a bad day, I change my birthday on Facebook to get comments and likes.

263_25630646063_5783_n (2)

My epic comic book collection.

bad tattoos 33 Happy Birthday, Facebook! WPGC Staff Reveal Embarrassing Photos

A terrible tattoo on my friend that went viral


Tati (The Pablo Show) – I have some embarrassing Facebook photos that are now revealed to my mother, because she asked to be my “friend” last year. As I look through my photos, I have so many drunk ones.  The first one is me drunk in Las Vegas and the second, well…  I was throwing up in Los Angeles.  I think I was in front of Lindsay Lohan’s place.

Tati fb lush

Tati fb throwing up


Mr. Peter Parker – My most embarrassing moment on Facebook happens every time my Mother comments on my posts. I told her to delete my page and even made another personal page, but she is relentless.  She may get blocked.

My first FB pic, I was hosting an underground hip-hop show in Minneapolis, Minn.

My first FB pic, I was hosting an underground hip-hop show in Minneapolis, Minn.


DJ Heat (The Pablo Show) – I’ve personally never had anything embarrassing happen to me on Facebook because I keep my privacy and tagging settings on the highest level. However, I witnessed something that I’m sure was quite embarrassing for one of my Facebook friends. Evidently she was having issues with her husband and like most people do on social media, she took to her status to vent. Bad move! Her husband’s family jumped in, then her family jumped in and it was an all-out war on her page. I was just sitting there waiting for the next updates to pop up and watching my computer screen like it was a major motion picture.

912 52466590398 4501 n Happy Birthday, Facebook! WPGC Staff Reveal Embarrassing Photos


Even Facebook is celebrating with their own special video about turning 10, featuring numerous birthday parties from children who are turning the same age.

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