Kid Ink has been making waves since the release of his new single “Show Me,” featuring Chris Brown.  The single comes from his second album, My Own Lane, which sits currently at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.  Selling 50,000 copies in its first week of release, Kid Ink is becoming a quick household name in the urban world.

He stopped by the WPGC studios to chat with Mr. Peter Parker & Aladdin about how his life has changed and working with DJ Ill Will.  But the fun didn’t stop there.  Aladdin got down to the nitty gritty asking Kid Ink his five defining moments of his life.

Kid Ink started his career where many superstars are getting noticed in this digital age: on the web.  “We started off on the Internet, two people doing everything,”  Kid Ink admits to Peter Parker.  As perseverance and hard work paid off, he was soon contacted by renowned DJ Ill Will to produce some tracks together. It was a relationship built on creativity and passion and soon the two were making magic in the studio.  “The more songs I would send, the more he would just be hitting me up,” he recalls of his budding friendship with DJ Ill Will.

Now that Kid Ink has a Gold single, a brand new album and the growing fan base, life seems to be changing quickly for the rapper.  “The biggest difference [is] I’m running into the same places and I’m not selling myself as [much],” he explained before continuing that he’s just trying to be regular.  The perfect example of staying regular was his impromptu meet and greet at Mall of Prince George’s.  While shopping at Shoe City in the Hyattsville, Md. mall, he stopped to sign autographs, take pictures and mingle with fans.  Kid Ink walked out with a pair of Air Jordan 3 Retros, some socks and hats to match.

Though it’s easy to see where his life is headed, Aladdin wanted to learn more about Kid Ink’s past, where he came from and some of his big firsts in life.

He opened up about his first tattoo experience, his first embarrassing moment and even the best piece of advice he received growing up.  It’s hard not to notice the array of black ink that spreads across Kid Ink’s arms, chest and face but like every tattooed superstar, it all started somewhere.  His first tattoo was the star on his right forearm which he received when he was 16. “I was really into outer space… and I tricked my mom.  She went with me to get the tattoo, she signed the paper and she didn’t know she signed the forever paper and I kept going back without her.”

Maybe karma had its way with the rapper.  When asked about his first big embarrassing moment, he laughed before recalling a painful experience.  “I was at the mall and I thought I could clear this chain,” he started, “and about 1,200 people saw [me trip].  I was face-first on the pavement.”  Thankfully, he’s a bit more conscious of his footing these days.  And he attests that to some sound advice he received in third grade about his feet. He told Aladdon about a man he met while he was in elementary school whose advice kept with him for life.  “Whatever you do,” Kid Ink advises, “a lady’s not going to like you if your shoes aren’t clean.”

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