Reel Talk: ‘Olympus Has Fallen’

by Justine Love, contributing writer

Sometimes, when I go to a movie screening, I like to go in blind and that was the case with “Olympus Has Fallen.”

I was aware that director Antoine Fugua was the creative genius. For those who don’t recognize the name, he is the director of “Training Day” (ahh, my heartthrob Denzel Washington), the “Replacement Killers” and most recently “Brooklyn’s Finest.”

Well, the next 119 minutes was filled with action and oh no’s as we see the unimaginable — the White House is taken over by terrorists. The movie is filled with a cast of noteworthy actors such as Morgan Freeman (who plays the speaker of the House), Angela Bassett (director of Secret Service), Ashley Judd (first lady), and Gerard Butler (Mike Banning — former first family’s security guard).

The movie begins as the first family is preparing for a formal outing and the unthinkable happens, causing Mike Banning to fall from grace. As the story unfolds, it is business as usual in the White House meeting with diplomats and negotiating foreign policy. But out of the clear blue, the White House is compromised and a series of horrendous events happen, sparking the code word for a White House takeover — ‘Olympus Has Fallen.’

For those of us who live in the nation’s capital, the events are uncomfortable and you will be sitting and wondering, “But what if that really happened? What would we do?”

The scene of the war room in the White House is a great sway of what we think might or might not happen when our country is under siege. You will be cheering and clapping as our heroes and sheroes stand strong and fight for our country. Be prepared to be patriotic and wanting to raise the American flag.

This film is 5 heartbeats and a couple skipping a few while you sit in your chair and chew your concession snacks — not your nails — for the ride of your life.

Also, the movie is rated R for strong language and violence.

Justine Love is the director of Community and Public Affairs for CBS Washington, including WPGC. Check back for more Reel Talk reviews.


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