Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run tackle the mysteries of a man’s mind with their new book, Manology: Secrets Of Your Man’s Mind Revealed, which hit stores Tuesday (February 5). Equal parts relationship reader and personal confessional, the book promises an honest look into their thoughts.  

One of Rev Run’s daily “Words of Wisdom” messages, which he sent out to a massive email list, sparked a conversation between the two that spilled over onto the pages of a book.

“When I first got the ‘Words of Wisdom’ email from Rev that initiated our friendship, he was talking about marriage and cheating and that whole thing,” Tyrese told Radio.com. 

As the story goes, Tyrese responded to Run’s “Words of Wisdom,” without knowing that Run, not an autobot, was on the other end of the email.

“Tyrese had a thought to add to my words of wisdom,” Rev Run explained. “He was trying to fix my word of wisdom.”

Run decided to pick up the phone and reach out to the outspoken singer.

“Our first conversation went on for about 3-4 hours and we’ve been the best of friends since,” Tyrese explained.

The book tackles a wide range of relationship topics from a man’s point of view. The odd couple offer relationship rules that cover the dating period, the bedroom, and marriage.

“I think the joys of married life are shown through President Barack Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce´, Run’s House, people as beastly as Brad Pitt getting Angelina Jolie, it’s swag” he said. “When you are young you can ‘French Montana‘ it, but when you get to a certain age you want to be the President, to be what you saw on Run’s House, you want to be Jay-Z and Beyonce´.”

But the overall theme is to offer two different outlooks on the world of life and relationships while finding the commonality between them.

“To be honest, I didn’t feel like I wrote this book to target a specific audience,” Tyrese told Radio.com. “We should give people the heads up about what’s around the corner before they get there. We should try our best to put information out in the universe that will help people avoid heartache, drama, conflict and misunderstanding.”

You can get your copy of Manology here–Erik Parker, Radio.com


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