A Tribute to Newtown: ‘Did You Know?’

As America recovers from the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., a 95.5 WPGC listener pays tribute to the child victims — in the form of a poem.

The heart wrenching poem entitled “Did you know?” embodies a child victim in heaven with God, talking to her family.

Did You Know?

By Christine Kimball
Dec. 15, 2012

Hi Mommy! Hey Dad! Hi Nana and Pa! Hi Whiskers and Flash!
I’m here with God, and so are my friends. He’s giving us hugs.
He doesn’t want you to worry. We’re surrounded by love.

……The last time I smiled at you, was night before last.
When you pulled up the covers, you were making me laugh.
That book you read was always your best.
The voices were funny and put me to rest.

Did you know the hug you gave me at school in the morning,
Was the one hug you’d hold on to while you were in mourning?
Did you know my Christmas concert would be the last time I’d sing?
Or the trip to the park would be my last on a swing?
Nana, did you know when you left this weekend, that it’d be our last kiss?

Or my whisper to Santa would be my last wish?
And when I was running, I tripped and I fell.

That was the last time Daddy’s kiss made me well.
Whiskers and Flash – you always make me laugh!
When I pet you goodbye and you thought I’d be home…
Well God decided today that a new path I’d roam.
Mommy, I’m sorry! I left you such a mess!
But I know you’ll forgive me, ‘cause Mommy you’re the best!

Daddy thank you for taking me door to door!
You encouraged me as a mermaid, to keep getting more.
This summer I swam for the very first time.
Papa lifted my chin and told me to “keep trying”.
My socks are everywhere, and probably in the car.
Did you know I’d be here today? It just seems so far!
But God reassured me, that you’d all be okay.

If each of you loves me and continues to pray.
Did you know I left my homework lying on the table?
We rushed out the door, turn it in if you’re able.
Did you know where I hid my present for you?
I made it with paper and glitter and glue.
I hope you find it, hidden under my bed.
Take down the wreathe and put it on the door instead.

Mommy, did you know that angels are true?
They have big beautiful wings and their smiles remind me of you.
Take my pillow into your room. It smells just like me.
Hug it tight while you cry. I hug it when things are frightening.
Did you know I’d be in heaven, waiting for you?
Nana I beat you! It was such a race!
But Jesus has told me, you’ll be in this place.

I’m waiting for everyone, when you’re ready to come.
There’s no more fears that I have to hide from.
Did you know that I love you? You cannot forget.
That God’s up here with me, and beside him I sit.
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