Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen rocked with President Obama in Ohio for a campaign finale. On Monday (Nov. 5), with only twelve hours before polls opened, Jay-Z performed “99 Problems” with a special shout-out to Mitt Romney.

“I have to do this, I’m sorry,” Jay said. “I didn’t give the plans to Secret Service so if they happen to tackle me y’all can save me.” 

He then offered a preview of the song’s chorus, with a slight tweak.

“If you’re having world problems, I feel bad for you son/ I got 99 problems and Mitt ain’t one” 

He proceeded to launch into the song, substituting the word “B**** for Mitt.”

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When President Obama took the stage, he praised Jay-Z and Springsteen for their dedication to the American dream. 

“It is an incredible honor to have Jay-Z and Bruce Springstein on the same bill,” the president said. “Not only are they all on my iPod, and yes the president has an iPod. But it’s also because both of them tell an American story. I told Jay-Z the other day, our lives are parallel a little bit. Nobody would expect us to be where we are if they met us as younger men. Both of us have daughters and both of us have wives more popular than we are.” 

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POTUS went on to speak about Bruce Springsteen, whom he also noted has worked to help his re-election campaign. 

“And Bruce Springsteen, he, just like Jay, tells the story of what our country is but also what it can be. And what we need to fight for,” President Obama said. “I’m going to be flying with Bruce on the last day that I’ll ever campaigning and that’s not a bad way to bring it home. With the Boss.”

See President Obama’s remarks below. —E. Parker, CBS Local


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