Addicted to Twitter, but tired of following the same old people? CBS Local asked Rita Ora who she suggests you follow to liven up your Twitter feed. She gave up her top #FollowFriday picks.


Rita says: “The horoscope Twitter that I think is really interesting is Jonathan Cainer. He’s got very good meaning for everything.”

We say: Cainer is a professional astrologer who has been working since at least 1977 (and who apparently has his moon in Scorpio which means he doesn’t want you to know much about him but he wants to know everything about you). You can read your forecast on his website, but following his Twitter will get you interesting insights into the alignment of the planets, who he thinks will win Wimbeldon based on the stars and very cheeky British humor. He also responds often to people who Tweet him astrology questions, so feel free to interact.

Notable recent Tweet:


Rita says: “Jeremy Scott is very fun to follow, he’s fun to follow on Twitter. He’s also an amazing designer.”

We say: Jeremy Scott is a rock star among clothing designers. And he hangs out with a lot of rock stars, as you’ll see him name drop in all caps on Twitter. He’s also the first designer to dress Miss Piggy, the only designer Karl Lagerfeld feels could succeed him at Chanel, and he designed the legendary Keith Harding’s AdiColor track suit and shoe. His Twitter is both inspirational and full of gossip.

Notable recent Tweet:


Rita says: “I really love following Rev Run. He says some very smart things and it inspires me. He’s really helpful on Twitter.”

We say: The man’s a legend. If you don’t know him from his MTV reality show, then perhaps you know him from Run DMC? He’s the Run in that group, BTW. These days he’s a practicing minister and his Twitter feed is full of quotes, biblical and scholarly, and wise advice on everything from ignoring the haters to handling your love games.

Notable recent Tweet:


Rita says: “Another person is Kanye, he’s very funny on Twitter and you never know what to expect from his Tweets so that’s interesting.”

We say: Kanye doesn’t Tweet that often, but he tends to go on these benders where he’ll say a whole bunch of stuff all at once that can be fascinating. Sometimes he’s suggesting cool stuff to check out. Sometimes he’s snarking on people. Sometimes he’s being an egomaniac. Whatever he’s Tweeting, his POV is always a shocker. Fair warning: he has been known to RT Kim Kardashian.

Notable recent Tweet:


Rita says: “Me! My Twitter! I think that I’m a very convenient, helpful…no I’m joking. I think I’m fun to follow on Twitter. Is that stupid to say? Yeah Rita Ora, I think she’s really cool.”

We say: She is really cool and she Tweets a lot. You can actually find out everything Rita’s up to from her Twitter. She’s great about Tweeting at/RTing the fans and thanking everyone for everything. We happen to especially enjoy when she Tweets about her outfits.

Notable recent Tweet:

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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