After numerous complaints, comments of disgust towards the show, and even petitions to cancel the show, ‘Basketball Wives’ has been renewed for a FIFTH season! Apologetic comments by Shaunie O’Neal and comments by VH1 have been made about the show’s renewal, and we’ve got the scoop. Check them out.

After all the criticism towards the show from the viewers and just people in general, it seems that the producers are taking the words to heart, and want to clean up their act.

Shaunie O’Neal, the executive producer, recently commented:

“I feel that all these ladies take responsibility for what their actions are…and after seeing ourselves this season, it definitely was a lot more bad than good. I’ve really tried to preach the whole ‘Let’s get some balance,’ and now I think my voice is resonating.”

VH1 additionally remarked:

“Our viewers’ opinions always matter a great deal to us at VH1. Lately, there has been a lot of conversation about “Basketball Wives”, a series featuring strong, intelligent women with very passionate viewpoints which can sometimes escalate. We at VH1 agree with and support Shaunie and the show producers’ ‘no excessive physical confrontations’ policy on the series moving forward. We are all committed to balancing the candid, bold excitement that the viewers have come to love in the series with storylines and representations they can be proud of.”

Sunni and The City

Comments (4)
  1. Leslie says:

    I like some of the ladies, like Evelyn… I just think sometimes you get caught up in your feelings and they did.. Not judging them for their actions, I know plenty of females who have had their ratchet momments, it’s about growth… They will be fine

  2. Rm.Davis says:

    I guess all of the complaints didn’t matter because this show is coming back hopefully the advertisers will still pull out regardless of the promises to have a more positive show and I am hoping that they will not bring back Tammi Roman or Evelyn these Rats are completley out of control and I don’t think they can tone this show down in anyway and still get high ratings

    1. Gloria Walker says:

      Tammi Roman know who to pick on! She is a drunk and a bully and they she has daugthers and a girl organization I wonder what they think. I’m no longer want to be a fan of the show.

  3. Mary D says:

    I’m soo glad that somethings being done. Its my favorite show but evelyn and tammi aint right. I stopped watching because it was bad for my teens. Put someone on next season that will sstep to evelyn.

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